Pros & Cons of Assisted Living Facilities March 6, 2018

Choosing to relocate into an assisted living facility is not a decision easily made. Many seniors need a helping hand to maintain their independence and assisted living at home services provide just that. While a nursing home is an option it depletes quality of life and isn’t often a good fit for seniors who still maintain independence. There are many benefits offered to individuals who opt for assisted living service, with only a few drawbacks.

Some of the biggest and best advantages of assisted living care include:

·    Flexibility

·    Help with day-to-day activities, such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing and grooming, and more

·    Companionship for a lonely senior

·    Scheduled activities/ improved quality of life

·    Reasonable costs

·    Care provided as needed, on full-time, part-time, and as needed basis

Seniors with any type of physical challenges benefit greatly from assisted living. On-site medical care is provided, simplifying care for dementia patients. There are also additional on-site activities and benefits for the senior, such as an on-site cafeteria serving meals and fitness centers.

A few disadvantages of assisted living also exist. The disadvantages important to note include:

assisted living at home services

·    Insurance may not cover costs of care

·    Can be difficult to adjust to a group setting

·    Not suitable for seniors with major health problems

Downsides of assisted living include:

·    Can be cost-prohibitive

·    Some seniors have trouble adjusting to a group setting with policies

·    Does not offer the level of care for moderate dementia and some medical conditions

When all is said and done, assisted living is beneficial for most seniors who need a little bit of help during the day. It is worthwhile to look into the services to learn if they’re suitable for your needs. You might be surprised to learn how amazing assisted living rally is.

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