Golf Courses with Internet Access

Golf is big business these days, more people than ever are playing the sport and lots of money is being invested into the golf clubs and courses that support it. Golf clubs are often big and grandeur in style, reflecting the kind of lifestyle and sophistication of the club's members. Indeed many people spend just as much time at the "19th hole" as they do walking around the golf course actually playing the game.

It is a testament to he flexibility of the game of golf that it can transcend the boundaries of pure sport and become something even bigger. Golf is so popular because it has a social and cultural appeal as well as a sporting one. This appeal is all centered around the golf club, a place of fun and safety where the clubs members can interact and have a few drinks after the competition of the game is finished.

Golf clubs used to be just a bar or maybe a restaurant at the most, but many of the more modern establishments are including many other features as well. In order to help make the golf club a home away from home for their members, many golf courses are now adding new and exciting features to their club houses. Most will include a golfshop where members can buy and hire all of the equipment that they need for a game. Many are also now including an Internet cafe or wireless hot spot zone where the members can have fast and easy access to the />
Golf does take a while to play, it is not uncommon for someone to be at the club all day long either playing the game or socialising afterwards. This is why it has become essential for the modern golf club to have somewhere with Internet access, so that people can check their emails and continue to have an online presence even when they are enjoying time off with their friends. Internet access will become a standard and expected feature in all up market golf clubs in the near future, even now it is probably hard to find a truly modern and distinguished club house where you can not go online with ease.

Spending time at a modern golf club definitely does not have to be a one dimensional experience anymore. Drinking lots of alcohol or stocking up on the latest Taylor Made gear are no longer the only things that you can do at your club house. When a golf club offers Internet access to its members, it is really expanding the possibilities of how people can interact and spend time there.

The successful golf courses of the future will all have to have a fast and well organised Internet access point. With technology getting more and more wireless all the time, Internet hot spot zones will probably be the preferred long term option. This gives members the possibility to either use their own notebook computers or the computers that belong to the club house, and also gives greater flexibility as to what locations in the golf club can be used to go online.